Prototype 2 Ppsspp Download

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man 8 (PlayStation).

Prototype 2 Ppsspp Download
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In March 2011, two prototypes of Rockman 8 were leaked onto the internet.


August 4, 1996 Prototype
Very early in development, with a large number of differences.
Prototype 2 Ppsspp Download


Prototype 2
Far more complete, but still missing quite a few details.
Rockman 8 Trial Version
The Special Trial Disc, which also has the demo of Mega Man X4.

Debugging Features

Note: These features are not available in the Special Trial Disc.

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  • Hold L2 to slow the game down.
  • Hold R2 to temporarily freeze the game.
  • Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start to reset the game.
  • Hold X + Circle for 'free movement', allowing you to drag Mega Man anywhere on the map.
  • On Controller 2, press Up and Down to increase or decrease the energy in the health bar.


The first two prototypes listed above have a very different soundtrack. The only song that made the final cut was for the Mid-Bosses, but even that was changed.

Opening Stage

Stage Select

Ice Stage (Frost Man)

It should also be noted that the Ice Stage/Frost Man music was also used in Prototype 2 as filler music.

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Clown Man/Tengu Man Stages (Inaccessible Stages)


Prototype 2 Ppsspp Download Pc


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Prototype 2 Ppsspp Download Pc

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