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Installation Notes
  • A new server installation can take 2 to 2½ hours. Each new workstation installation can take 1 hour.
  • Do not install ProContractor on a computer that was upgraded from a Windows Home version, including upgrades performed using Windows Anytime Upgrade. In this case, you must perform a clean install of the operating system using one of the supported versions.
  • Consider using the System Tools available in Windows (such as Disc Cleanup and Disk Defragmenter) to maximize your disk space before installing ProContractor.
  • Ensure that you are not using file compression on any drive or folder that might relate to your ProContractor installation or to your SQL database. (Compressed folders typically appear in blue in Windows Explorer.) Be sure to decompress all related drives and folders before installing ProContractor.
  • You must completely install the ProContractor server, including all prerequisites. If you are installing a peer-to-peer or server-based network, you must also completely install at least one ProContractor workstation. Note that you can install ProContractor workstations at any time. It's no problem to start with a standalone system and add workstations later.
  • You may be prompted to restart your computer one or more times during installation. If so, you must restart your computer each time you are prompted in order to successfully complete installation. After you restart your computer, you must click Install to continue installation.
  • If you receive a message during installation indicating that Windows PowerShell or Microsoft. NET 3.5.1 must be installed from the Server Manager before setup can continue, refer to Knowledge Base Article #150602537351351 on ClearView for details.
  • You must apply and activate the license you received from Viewpoint on the ProContractor server.
  • You must set up at least one user as the Service Broker administrator. This user will receive administrative messages (including failure notices) from Service Broker.
  • You can download and use ViewpointAdvanced Image Manager for free as part of your Viewpoint support agreement. Advanced Image Manager is a valuable tool for modifying and organizing many types of drawings, reports, and image files for import into ProContractor and other applications.

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To learn more about Viewpoint Estimating and Earthwork, visit our website here: Estimate with confid. The Viewpoint Customer Portal is your one-stop for support and learning, where you can troubleshoot technical issues, learn how to use our software, download the latest releases, and much more. ProContractor Earthwork is purpose built for measuring Earthwork cut and fill and Under Ground Utilities. ‍Estimators relying on their surveyor or consultant engineer to measure and produce quantities will find value in producing volumes that reflect how earthwork jobs are built. Stripping topsoil whilst calculating to sub-grade for accurate cut and fill volumes is one of many advantages.

ProContractor helps manage the entire project lifecycle from bid to project completion. Deployed either on-premises or in the cloud, ProContractor is the leading solution for managing business and improving project visibility.

“Out of any accounting system I’ve worked with, ProContractor is the most flexible and user-friendly I’ve used myself.”

Procontractor Estimating Software Download


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Why ProContractor?

Reduce risk and improve productivity and quality without having to increase costs. Seamless cloud-based all-in-one solution with optional cross-platform mobile extension for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

Procontractor Estimating Software Download Windows 10

Move seamlessly from bid to accounting to project management, with improved control and visibility throughout your office, team, and field.

Increase bid accuracy and manage more bids in less time.

Procontractor Estimating software, free download

Maximize profitability and increase operational efficiency through a clean, organized, efficient cloud-based software solution.