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Ares Wizard is now installed in your system and you can find it in your Video add-ons. Since this is a 3d party add-on it is not supported by the official Kodi developers, Site or Forums. For information and support you can visit Ares Wizard and Project page and join their forum. How to Install the Ares Wizard on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis. Techdroidlife87 - February 14, 2017. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. Recommended VPN. UPDATE 3-20 ARES WIZARD URL CHANGED TO. TECH DroidLife is your go to source for Android, Windows PC, VPN, and Kodi tutorials. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight.

  • 1 What is Ares Wizard?
    • 1.1 Overview & Features: Ares Wizard for Kodi
  • 3 Detailed Step by Step Guide to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi Krypton Users
    • 3.15 Step-15: Last Step: Install Ares Wizard

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What is Ares Wizard?

Ares Wizard is a well-known streaming and program add-on for Kodi. Ares Wizard is quite famous across the Kodi user. There are around 87% chances that you heard about Ares Wizard if you’re an existing Kodi user.

In this Ares Wizard tutorial, we are going to share the complete step by step guide to install Ares Wizard. The installation of Ares Kodi Wizard for Krypton 17.6 users is the same for all devices as the user interface (UI) for all are same itself. And so, the same guide can be used for all Kodi devices.

Ares Wizard offers complete optimization and backup to your Kodi database (DB). And the great thing with this Ares Kodi Wizard is, it is completely free for Kodi users.

Overview & Features: Ares Wizard for Kodi

As said above, Ares Wizard is a complete maintenance add-on for Kodi. Using this software, you can take a complete backup of the Kodi database.

Although many important features of Ares Kodi Wizard have been taken off like Music add-on, streaming add-on. But still, Ares Wizard is one of the best software for Kodi maintenance.

Repository: Ares Repo

Repository Address: and

So, if you are annoyed with the buffering issue of Kodi or looking to get the backup of all the data of Kodi, Ares Wizard is the right solution for you.


There have been few ups & down with AresWizard as it was down but now it is again up with the latest features and has become more powerful. Now you can also clear the cache file and also do optimization as well.

Here are some of the notable feature of Ares Wizard for Kodi users:

Ares Wizard Features:

  • Various programs Add-ons
  • Music Add-on (discontinued)
  • Video Add-on (discontinued)
  • Performance optimization
  • Data backup
  • Cache file clearing & optimization
  • Kodi buffering solution
  • Kodi log file management
  • Internet speed tester and many more

Now as you already know what is Ares Wizard and its relevant features, let’s see how to install Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.6.

Steps to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.6 Firestick

Here is the solution to how to install Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.6. Just follow the below explained 15 steps and enjoy the complete Kodi maintenance solutions.

These steps are valid for all the devices and majorly tested for Krypton 17.6 and Jarvis 16.1. We will be demonstrating this step to install Ares Wizard for Kodi Krypton using Firestick.

  1. Start your Firestick device
  2. Go to Apps and then Open Kodi
  3. Go to System settings and enable unknown sources
  4. Now move back to File manager and then add source
  5. Here select None and then enter the repository address shared above. You can use OR and name it Ares Repo
  6. Once done, simply select OK
  7. Now again move back to Kodi Home and select Add-on
  8. Here select package installers icon
  9. Select install from Zip and then select Ares Repo
  10. Here select
  11. Once done, you will get a notification at the right top section saying Ares Wizard installed successfully.
  12. Now go to program Add-on and select Ares Project
  13. Launch Ares Wizard

And that’s it!


Here you will have all the Ares Wizard features available. Just select the feature you would like to access and enjoy.

These were the simple one-liner step by step procedure to install Ares Wizard for Kodi 17.6. There are times when you may get some error while installation. And so, we have also shared the detailed steps by step guide to install Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.6.

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Detailed Step by Step Guide to Install Ares Wizard on Kodi Krypton Users

Here is the detailed guide to install Ares Wizard on Kodi and enjoy the features along with the screenshot-

Step-1: Open Kodi

Start Amazon Firestick and then follow Apps > Kodi

Step-2: Open Setting

From the top left corner, you will find a gear icon that’s for the setting. Open that setting option

Step-3: Enable Unknown Source Option

Here you need to enable the unable source option so that you can install Ares Wizard on Kodi.
Follow: System Setting (gear icon)> Add-on> Unknown source> Enable it

Step-4: Access File Manager

Just move to Add-on (go one step back) and select File Manager and open it

Step-5: Select Add Source

Once you will open file manager, press right side remote button of Firestick and select Add source

Step-6: Select <None>

Once you’ll open Add source, a dialog box will appear and here you need to select <None> option.

Step-7: Add Repository Address

And then in the text field option given type the repository address OR Also, make the name as “Ares Repo

Step-8: Access Add-on

Now move again back to Home and select Add-on. You can select a home option from Amazon Firestick Remote

Step-9: Open Package Installer

Once you will open Add-ons, you will find an icon for package installer at the top left corner, open that!

Step-10: Select open from zip option

Here you’ll get a list of options and from those, select install from zip file

Step-11: Select Ares Repo

From the last step where you selected to install from Zip file, it will open a pop-up box and here you need to select “Ares Repo“. Remember we gave this name in our Step-6.

Step-12: Select the installer zip file

Once you’ll open the “Ares Repo“, it will open a folder and from there select

Step-13: Install from Repository

Now again go one step back and select install from repository option

Step-14: Select All repository and then program add-ons


Here first select “All Repository” option and then a new window will open there select “Program Add-ons

Step-15: Last Step: Install Ares Wizard

Yes, that’s the last step!

Here open “Ares Wizard” folder and then select install

That’s it!

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You have successfully installed Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.6. Now you can access all the Ares Wizard features as you need. Just select the features you want to use and use it.

Latest Ares Wizard 2018 Free

Wrapping it up!

This was all about how to install Ares wizard on Kodi 17.6 Krypton on Amazon Firestick. I am sure this guide will help you install Ares Wizard successfully on Kodi and access all available features.

Try installing Ares Wizard and let me know if you’ll face any difficulty. Also, for more such posts, please check our software section.