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  • Lucy appears in most Fairy Tailmedia, including both feature films, all original video animations (OVAs), light novels and video games. She is voiced by Aya Hirano in Japanese, while Cherami Leigh plays her in the English dub. Mashima stated that Lucy was designed with a serious personality and represents his artistic side.
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Wolf: What's up everyone? Welcome to the First Chapter in my new story, Draconian Heart.This story will take place after the Alvarez Arc, so enjoy.

As the summary says, this is story with the Dragon Slayers creating a guild of their own. Also, there are two OCs in this story, quick heads up for that.

Now, onto the story!

Dragon Cry is a magical artifact of deadly power, formed into a staff by the fury and despair of dragons long gone. Now, this power has been stolen from the hands of the Fiore kingdom by the nefarious traitor Zash Caine, who flees with it to the small island nation of Stella. Frightened that the power has fallen into the wrong hands, the King of Fiore hastily sends Fairy Tail to retrieve the.

Chapter 1: Cast Outs

Fairy Tail

'Fairy Tail, you're Dragon Slayers are back!' Natsu shouts as he and the others walk into the guild. As soon as they enter the are met with silence and glares from some of the members. The worst glares coming from Erza, Gray, and Makarov.

'Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Laxus!' shouts the Master, 'Do you have any idea what you four have done?!'

'Yeah, we just completed a mission. And we managed to get all of the reward!' explains Natsu, particularly happy about getting the whole reward.

'I'll admit, Gramps. Natsu did pretty well on this mission. What are talking about?' asks Laxus.

'I received word from the Magic Council that Natsu and Gajeel had killed innocents while you were supposed to be protecting the town from Wyvern attacks!'

Natsu and Gajeel then share a quick look of confusion, 'Look, I don't know what you're talking about, but Salamander and I were out in the forest keeping the Wyverns from entering the town. Laxus and Wendy were in killing any stray Wyverns that managed to get past us.' responds Gajeel.

'Yeah, Natsu-san and Gajeel were away from the town. They didn't kill any innocents while on this mission.' adds Wendy.

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry English Dub Cast

'Then explain this!' shouts Makarov as he holds up a lacrima. He lets the lacrima play and lets the slayers see what the Magic Council said happened. The lacrima plays and reveals a video of Gajeel and Natsu in a town, spelling destruction and demise. As the video goes on they notice that it shifts over to both of them destroying a building that houses many families. It shifts again and shows Natsu standing over a man. He raises his fire coated hand, and pierces the man with his claw. It then switches over to Gajeel throwing multiple kunai into a man and pinning him to the wall. Blood then slowly stains the man's clothes as the light from his eyes dies. The video then switches over to Natsu and Gajeel standing on a hill overlooking the town they had just destroyed, with smirks planted on both of their faces.

The video ends, showing mages of Fairy Tail glaring at Natsu and Gajeel. 'Natsu, Gajeel-'

'That wasn't us, Gramps! We were with Laxus and Wendy the whole time!' shouts Natsu, defending himself and Gajeel.

'Explain that video, Natsu! We have proof that you and Gajeel killed innocent people!' shouts Erza, 'That town was destroyed and you killed thousands of innocent people!'

'That wasn't us Titania!' growls out Gajeel, 'Just ask Wendy and Laxus!'

'I have to with Natsu and Gajeel, Gramps. They were in the same area as us the whole time. They were out in the forest killing Wyverns.' explains Laxus, siding with his friends and Dragon Slayers.

'Master, we could smell Natsu and Gajeel in the forest. They didn't leave during our mission.' adds Wendy.

'The Magic Council has proof that they killed innocents! Stop siding with them and get away from!' shouts Erza.

'Stop!' shouts the Dragon Slayers, minus Wendy, while flaring their magic, 'Enough of this! For the last time, that wasn't us!' shouts Gajeel and Natsu.

The guild, except for the S-Class mages and some of the more powerful mages, freeze at the magic power being released from the Dragon Slayers.

'Enough of this. Gajeel, Natsu, remove your Guild Marks. You are now expelled from Fairy Tail. Both of you are no longer allowed to be near the Fairy Tail Guild Hall.'

Natsu glares at Makarov, 'So much for nakama.' He raises his hand to his shoulder and removes his guild mark. Gajeel does the same while glaring at the S-Class Mages. Natsu and Gajeel then turn and walk out of the guild. Leaving Wendy and Laxus at Fairy Tail.

'What the fuck, Gramps?!' shouts Laxus.

'I had to do what had to be done. They killed innocents. That makes them no better than a Dark Mage.'

'They killed no one while on that mission. The only things they killed were Wyverns and you're too stubborn to realize that!' growls out Laxus.

'Master, I have to agree. That doesn't sound like something Natsu would do.' Lucy speaks up, regretting that she didn't speak up earlier.

'That doesn't sound like Gajeel either. Sure, he's abrasive, but he wouldn't kill anyone just for fun,' adds Levy, defending Gajeel.

'Master, even I have to agree. Natsu and Gajeel are loyal to Fairy Tail. And they wouldn't kill anyone unless they had to.' adds Mira.

'That doesn't matter. The fact is that they killed people and they can't stay in Fairy Tail anymore.' calmly responds Makarov.

Laxus continues his glare at Makarov before lowering it, 'Fine then. But I'm not staying here anymore. You removed both of them for the wrong reasons. I'm going with them.' Laxus then removes his guild mark before walking out of the guild. The guild is now surprised and is too shocked and still scared from the magic that was flared to try and stop Laxus from leaving.

(A/N: I know Laxus is OOC here, but just go with it, alright?)

Wendy looks at Laxus then back to the guild, 'You just lost three of your strongest mages, over something that wasn't true.' Wendy then removes her guild mark, 'I'm going with them.' Wendy turns and runs to catch up with the other, ignoring the sounds of protest from the guild members.

Fairy tail dragon cry dubbed

'Wendy!' shouts Erza. She then begins to run after her, before being stopped by Makarov.

'Erza, don't.' Erza then turns to Makarov, 'They've made their decision. Let them go.'

'But, Master…' Erza then receives a glare from Makarov, 'Yes, Master.'

The guild then looks to the guild doors with a somber look on their faces.

Natsu and Gajeel

'Natsu!' shouts a voice, while closing in on Natsu. Natsu turns around and sees Happy fly into his chest.

'Happy? What are you doing here?' asks Natsu. Meanwhile, Pantherlily flies to Gajeel and flies next to him.

'Are you really leaving Fairy Tail?' asks Happy, with tears in his eyes.

'We have to, buddy. The Master kicked us out. We can't stay here anymore. Right, Gajeel?' Gajeel then grunts in response.

'For once, I'll agree with you Salamander. We can't stick around here. Besides, the Council will likely be after us.' adds Gajeel, while crossing his arms over his chest.

'Right. We should head out of Magnolia soon. Happy, can you grab our stuff and meet us at the South Gate?'

'Aye, sir!' Happy then flies off and to grab his and Natsu's things.

'Lily, go and grab our things.'

'You got it.' Lily then flies off to his and Gajeel's place.

'You're letting your Exceed come with you?' asks Gajeel.

'Of course. He's my friend. He'll stay by side no matter what happens.' Natsu then smells the air, while Gajeel begins to do the same.

'Laxus, Wendy. What are you two doing?' asks Natsu, as he turns around to face them and sees them carrying a bag of their things.

'We're coming with you.' replies Wendy, with a smile on her face.

'Even though I advise against it, she clearly wants to go you with you two.' adds Carla.

'We side with you two. We know that wasn't you and we'll go with you.'

'So, we've got our own pack here, huh? Gihi. This should be fun.' replies Gajeel as he turns to continue walking.

'So where to to?' asks Wendy.

'We don't know yet. All we know is we have to move around and make sure the Magic Council doesn't find us.' responds Natsu while he and the others continue to walk to the South Gate, 'Hey, Gajeel. What was with the mention of the pack?' asks Natsu.

'Right, you wouldn't know. Dragons typically travel in packs, following either an Alpha or a Royal. Typically, their the same one though.'

'Right. So, who would be the Alpha?' asks Natsu.

'You.' responds all three at the time.

'So, that means that I'm stronger than Laxus?' he asks while grinning.

'Well, you're a Royal, so we would've followed you anyway.' replies Gajeel. Laxus and Wendy then nod in agreement.

'Well, we better head on out. Happy and Lily will meet us at the South Gate.' adds Natsu. The Dragon Slayers then continue walking to the South Gate.

South Gate Park, Magnolia

Sitting at the big tree in the middle of the park are two people. A young man and a young woman. The young woman is resting against the tree trunk while the man is resting his head on her lap. The young man appears to be 21 and has a lean muscular build to him. The young woman appears to be 20 and has a slightly curvy figure to her.

'What a nice place, isn't it, Carina?' the young man speaks up, while opening his eyes, revealing a jade green eye color.

'It really is, Nox. We should've come here earlier.' replies Carina, while brushing her light brown hair out of her face and behind her ear.

'And by that you mean, we should've left the guild earlier, don't you?' asks Nox, while placing his hand on the right side of his chest, where his old guild mark used to be.

'I don't know why you stayed. No one there liked you.' Carina states while running her hand through Nox's coal-black hair.

Nox then sits up and turns to Carina and looks into her deep blue eyes, 'You did. And that's the only reason I stayed.' He places his hand on her cheek, 'You were the only that wanted to be my friend, despite what my magic looks like. I can never thank you enough for that.' Nox then leans forward and places his lips against hers, before quickly pulling back. 'We should go. If we can get to Fairy Tail, we might be able to find the other Dragon Slayers.' Nox and Carina then stand up and make their way over to Fairy Tail.

As they are walking they pass a group of mages walking towards the gate. Three men and one girl. They think nothing of it and walk past them and continue to walk to Fairy Tail.

Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, and Laxus

'Alright. Happy and Lily should be here soon.' Natsu then catches a weird smell in the air, 'Hey do you guys smell that?' The other Dragon Slayers then smell the air, and get a whiff of the smell Natsu's talking about.

'Weird. It smells like Darkness and Light. We probably passed a couple of Mages. Should be nothing to worry about.' responds Gajeel. Natsu then shrugs and leans against the tree as he waits for Happy and Lily to arrive.

'So, any ideas as to where we should go?' asks Laxus.

'Nope, but we should probably head someplace where we can train. We need to make sure that no Magic Knights or Dark Mages to come and fight us once they find out that we're no longer part of Fairy Tail.' replies Gajeel.

'How about the mountains? That's away from everyone and we can go all out without worrying about hurting anyone.' replies Wendy.

'That's a good idea, Wendy.' responds Laxus, making Wendy smile.

'Yeah. Alright. Once Happy and Lily get back, we'll head out and train.' Natsu then leans against the tree and waits for the Exceeds to return. Soon after, Happy and Lily fly in carrying bags for Gajeel and Natsu. Once Natsu and Gajeel have their things, Natsu looks to Laxus and Wendy. 'Alright. Let's head out.' The mages then head out and begin their trek to the mountains.

Fairy Tail

'I know they just left, but the guild isn't the same without Natsu and the others.' says Lucy, as she rest her head on her hands.

'I know. Without them, the guild doesn't feel as lively.' adds Levy.

The guild is then interrupted when they hear the doors open. The mages turn to the door and see two people standing there. They see the boy is wearing a black jacket with a black shirt underneath, dark blue jeans, and black combat boots. They see the boy's hair is spiked haphazardly, in a style reminiscent of Natsu and Sting.

They see that the girl is wearing a simple white dress that rests at mid-thigh, paired with a set of black knee-high boots. They notice her hair is curled and stops halfway down her back. If they were to look closer, they would notice a small black dragon on her neck.

Erza is the first to speak up, 'Who are you two and what are you doing here?' she asks. The two at the doors walk in and walk to the Erza.

'Oh, we're mages. I'm Carina and this is Nox. We were wondering if we could talk to the master of the guild.' responds Carina.

'Sure, I'll lead you to the Master's office. Come with me.' Erza then walks upstairs and leads them to the door to the Makarov's office. She knocks and hears Makarov telling her to come in.

'Erza, who are these two people?'

'These are Nox and Carina. Their mages and they requested that they speak with you.'

'Oh, did you two want to be a part of our guild?' the master then smiles at the idea of more mages becoming a part of his guild and family. Erza then walks out leaving the two alone with the master.

'That depends. Are Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus, and Wendy here?' asks Nox. He notices the master's smile drop for a second.

'No, they are not a part of Fairy Tail anymore.' he responds, while looking angry about the thought.

'Oh, do you know where they are going?' asks Carina.

'I don't. Once they were expelled, they left and no one will go after them.'

'Alright. Looks we came here too late, Carina.' Nox then turns back to the Master, 'Thank you for the help Master. We'll be heading out now.'

'Wait, don't you want to join?' asks Makarov.

'Like I said, that depended on whether or not the Dragon Slayers were here. And since they're not, we don't have a reason to join. Thank you anyways, Master.' Makarov watches as the two mages walk out the and go downstairs before being stopped by Erza.

'So, what happened? Are you two mages of Fairy Tail?'

Carina then shakes her head, 'No, we just stopped by to ask the Master a question. We'll be heading out now.' Nox and Carina then walk out of the guild and walk into Magnolia.

'Master, what did they want to ask you?' asks Erza, as she turns and looks to Makarov on the second floor.

'They asked about Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, and Laxus. They wanted to know if they were here. After I told them that they were expelled, they thanked me and walked out.' explains Makarov.

'They wanted to know about Natsu/Gajeel?' asks Lucy and Levy. Makarov then nods before heading back up to his office, leaving Lucy and Levy to stare at the door. They both share a look before they get up and leave, trying to find the mages that just left.

Nox and Carina

'I wonder what happened to them for them to get expelled from Fairy Tail. It seemed like a very friendly guild.' said Carina, as she laces her hand with Nox's.

'I wonder the same thing. It must have been terrible for them to get expelled.' Nox then sighs, 'I guess we'll have to keep searching for them. Shame, I really liked the atmosphere of Fairy Tail. They seemed like fun.'

'Yeah, you would've had more friends if we had joined.' teases Carina.

'I think you mean I would've had friends.' corrects Nox.

'Nox, Carina!' They both turn around and see two girls running up to them.

'You two were at the bar in the guild hall. What are you doing here?' asks Carina.

'You two were asking about the Dragon Slayers, right?' asks a panting Lucy.

Watch Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Dub

'Yeah, why do you ask?' questions Nox.

'We just wanted to know why you were asking about them.' explains Levy.

'I want to find them. I was hoping that Carina and I could be with mages that have similar magic to me.' explains Nox.

'Wait, you're a Dragon Slayer?!' shouts Lucy and Levy.

Nox then covers his ears and grunts in pain, 'Geez, remember that Dragon Slayers have enhanced senses, will ya?!' He then growls he uncovers his ears. Lucy and Levy then apologize in embarrassment, 'It's alright. Why do you two care about the Dragon Slayers?' He and Carina then notices a faint blush on each of their cheeks, 'Ah, so that's why I can smell another scent on you.' The two girls then blush harder.

'W-What are y-you t-talking about?' Lucy asks in embarrassment.

'You smell like a campfire and...vanilla? I'm guessing the latter is you. Which would make the campfire the smell belonging to Natsu.' He then turns to Levy, 'And you. You smell like iron and...books. You're a big fan of reading, aren't you? Anyway, the iron smell would belong to Gajeel.' he explains causing both of them to blush a little more.

'I caught another similar smell while in Fairy Tail. The woman at the bar with the long hair. She smelled like electricity and lavender. Actually, I can smell her right now.' He looks behind the two blushing girls and sees the long haired woman running towards them, 'Ah, that's why I could smell her.'

'Lucy, Levy. Glad I caught up with you.'

'Mira, what are you doing here?' asks Lucy and Levy.

'You're not the only that cares about someone that left.' explains Mira.

'And I assume that would be Laxus, right?' asks Nox, causing Mira to slightly blush and nod.

'Looks like I'm three for three.' Nox then leans close to Carina, 'So, we have three mates of the Dragon Slayers here. And by their smells, they haven't been marked yet. They've been claimed, but not marked.'

'They could join us. If we catch up with them, they would be able to mark them.' adds Carina.

'That's good idea, but would they want to join us?' asks Nox.

'You've never seen a woman be deeply in love with a guy, have you?' she asks with a sly smirk on her face.

'Of course I have. I have you, don't I?' Nox then turns back to the three women, who are looking at them in confusion. 'So, Carina brought up a good point. Do you want to come with us to find Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus, and Wendy? I could use your help in tracking their scents.'

The three young mages then look to each other and share a look of determination, 'We'll join you.' they all responds at once.

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry English Dub Cast And Crew

'Great, we should probably head out now.' Nox then looks to the sky and begins to see the sun set, 'Or we could leave tomorrow. We'll have to leave early though, their scents won't stay in the air for too long. Meet up at the…' Nox smells the air to find what direction they went in, 'South Gate Park tomorrow.' Nox and Carina then walk off, going to find a hotel they can rest at. Lucy, Levy, and Mira then walk back to their respective homes and get ready for leaving tomorrow.

Lucy's Apartment

Lucy walks into her bedroom and immediately walks to her closet. She pulls out a bag and begins to pack her clothes and other necessities she'll need. 'Natsu...We're coming to find you.' She thought while packing more into her bag.

'Open Gate of the Maiden, Virgo' A pink-haired woman dressed in maid outfit, with shackles on her wrists appears.

'How may I help you princess?' ask Virgo while bowing.

'Virgo, can you keep some of my things in the Celestial Realm? I'm gonna be leaving and I'm not planning on coming back anytime soon.'

'Does it have anything to do with Natsu being expelled from the guild?' questions Virgo.

'How do you know about that?' asks a shocked Lucy.

'Loke told us about what happened. He felt you worry and started listening in on what was happening.'

'Stupid Loke.' she mumbles under her breath, 'But, yes. That's why I'm not coming back. Natsu was the one who brought me here. If it wasn't for him, I would be a slave in Bosco. I just want to find Natsu.' she ends with a look of determination etched on her face.

'Ok, princess. We'll hold your things in the Celestial Realm until you find a new place. Maybe you'll be living with Natsu by then.' she ends while grabbing Lucy's items and going back to the Celestial Realm, leaving a blushing Lucy alone her room.

'Dammit Virgo. Why'd you have to go and say that?' Lucy then walks over to her desk and begins to write a letter to Fairy Tail, explaining why she left and that she doesn't plan on coming back. Once she finished writing, she reads the letter to make there are no errors. After wiping a few tears away from here eyes, she gets up from her desk and changes into her pajamas. After changing, she feels sleep calling her name. She walks over to her bed and lays down and lets sleep take over her.

Mira's House

Mira walks into her house and is met by her younger siblings pulling her into a hug.

'Mira-nee, why did you follow after Lucy and Levy?' asks Lisanna.

'I wanted to make sure they were alright. After all, Natsu and Gajeel were expelled today. I just wanted to see if they were fine after this.' responds Mira calmly.

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Full Movie English

'Oh, I guess they would be the most affected by them being expelled, wouldn't they?' asks Lisanna. Mira hen nods in approval and walks over to the kitchen to make dinner for her and her siblings.

'Lisanna, can you come here and help me? Elfman, can you set the table?' Lisanna then joins her sister in the kitchen and helps Mira prepare their dinner, while Elfman walks to the table and sets the plates and utensils.

After their meal, Mira walks back to her room and looks around. She walks over to her dresser and picks up a frame that houses a picture of her and her siblings. 'Lisanna, Elfman. I'm sorry.' She touches the photo before setting it back down and going to pack some of her things. After packing some of her essentials she goes to write a letter for her siblings.

After writing the letter, Mira changes into her nightwear and prepares to go to bed. She lays down and lets sleep take over her, waiting for morning so she can go and find the Dragon Slayers.

Levy's Apartment

As she walks into her place, she looks around and sees how much she'll need to pack before they head out in the morning. 'This is going to take a while.' Levy then gets started on packing her things.

As she is packing her stuff, she comes across a picture frame of the guild. As she looks at it, she gets flooded with memories of when she joined and of other joyful memories. She then sets the frame down and continues packing up the rest of her things.

'Fairy Tail. I'm sorry about this.' whispers Levy while she begins to write a letter to Master Makarov, letting her know she left. Soon after, she sets the letter down and changes into her sleepwear. After changing, she lays down and soon falls asleep.

Nox and Carina

Nox and Carina are in a hotel room unpacking a few of their items. After changing out of his clothes and putting on a comfortable pair of pants, Nox lays down the bed and looks at the ceiling. He hears a door being unlocked and turns to the bathroom door being opened. He sees Carina walk out wearing only a t-shirt and her panties. She walks over and cuddles up with Nox. She places her head against his chest and lays there in silence.

'Hey, Nox.' Nox then turns his head downward and looks to Carina, 'Are you really fine with letting them tag along?'

Nox then smirks, 'Are you already doubting bringing them with us? You're the one who gave me the idea. Besides, who am I to keep mates away from each other. I'm surprised they haven't come back to mark them. Unless, they don't realize that they like each other.'

'I know I gave you the idea, it's just, they'll be leaving their guild, their home, their family. Are you sure you're okay with them doing that?' she asks, while sitting up and looking into Nox's eyes.

'If it's really worrying you that much, I'll remind them tomorrow before we head out. I'll let them know that they'll be leaving their family behind. Will that be okay with you?' Carina then nods in approval and lays back down next to Nox, resting her head on his chest. He the runs his hands through her hair, 'You should relax a little more, Carina. Remember, you followed me after I left our old guild. Lucy, Levy, and Mira will probably do the same. Get some rest, Carina. We'll be leaving quite early tomorrow.' Nox then lays on his side and pulls Carina closer to his chest. They soon let sleep take them over as they drift into a dream-filled sleep.

Morning, Magnolia

Nox and Carina are already up and are waiting at the South Gate Park, 'You know, when I said early, I didn't mean crack of dawn early.' Nox then yawns and looks towards Carina who is currently stretching and enjoying the the look of Magnolia. 'Just because you happen to rise with the sun, doesn't mean I do.'

'Well, you should've known that I would've woken you up for this. I mean we've been dating for five years already.' Carina responds while looking towards Nox, who yawns again.

'I know, but what are the chances of them arriving this early?' responds Nox. He then catches three scents in air walking towards the South Gate Park.

Nox sighs, 'Looks the like the chances we're pretty high, Nox-kun.' Carina then smirks, as she sees the three female mages arrive at South Gate Park

'Oh, shut up Carina.' Nox then walks back under the shade of the tree and leans against the tree.

Lucy, Levy, and Mira arrive at the South Gate Park and walk towards Nox and Carina.

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Subbed

'You three really want to find the Dragon Slayers, don't you?' asks Nox. Lucy, Levy, and Mira then nod in approval, 'Well, like I said last night, you'll be leaving your friends and family for a long time. Are you sure about this?'

'Nox, we've already talked about this. We're okay with this. We just really want to find our friends.' replies Lucy.

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry English Dub Cast

'Alright, just making sure. We better head out now if we want to catch up with them.' Nox then turns and leads them out of Magnolia and towards the four Dragon Slayers.

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Let me know what you think and I'll see you guys next chapter.

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Fairy Tail Dragon Cry English Dub Cast List

Fairy Tail (Japanese: フェアリーテイル Hepburn: Fearī Teiru) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. It was serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine from August 2, 2006 to July 26, 2017, with the individual chapters collected and published into 63 tankōbon volumes.The story follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, a member of the popular wizard[4] guild Fairy Tail, as he searches the fictional world of Earth-land for the dragon Igneel. ERZA AND LUCY ARE BEST GIRLS

In the mystical land of Fiore, magic exists as an essential part of everyday life. Countless magic guilds lie at the core of all magical activity, and serve as venues for like-minded mages to band together and take on job requests. Among them, Fairy Tail stands out from the rest as a place of strength, spirit, and family.
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