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The DigiTech Vocalist VHM5 is one of the first intelligent harmony signal processors designed specifically for vocals. It tracks a vocalist’s pitch. While speaking or singing into the microphone, raise the input fader on the top panel of the VHM5 till the signal strength LEDs only occasionally flash red. Digitech Vocalist Workstation Manual Anne Nagel (2010) Repository Id: #5fa Digitech Vocalist Workstation Manual Vol. Digitech VHM5 Vocalist Harmony Vocal Harmonizer VHM 5. Digitech Vocalist Live 4 Vocal Harmony & Pitch Correct. More Items From eBay. Ladies Home Journal July 1989 Princess Diana. IZotope Ozone 7 Advanced - Full License Transfer. MCCALL's June 1976 Jun 76 CAROL BURNETT ELIZABETH TAYLOR GLORIA GOLDREIC. DigiTech Vocalist Performer. Description Reviews Great Harmonies Live! Create hundreds of harmony styles from 50 different factory presets, each with 6 variations. Just select the key of the song from the front panel keyboard and key of the song and sing! Choose harmonies above or below your lead vocal. There's an excellent reverb included with. Warm and musical analog delay with tap-tempo, subdivisions and tails.

The DigiTech Vocalist Live 5 is an effects and harmony processor. More realistic than any Vocalist effect before it, the Vocalist Live 5 puts full 5-part (voice plus four harmonies) harmony effects at your feet. The Live 5 automatically follows your vocals and chord progression using patented musIQ technology so you don’t have to program a song’s key or key changes. There are 100 presets for your vocals that you can dial up quickly for your live performance. It has a real time built in guitar tuner and the footswitches are not on the same level. It is units like these that probably make so many guitarist and vocalist sound so much better live than they originally would.

According to several user reviews of the Digitech Vocalist Live 5, some users have praised it for the pitch correction; Lots of options; Versatile. But some users also have complained for the Big drop in quality; it cannot get a clear harmony when trying to record to Mixcraft 6.

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Digitech Vocalist Vhm5 Review

Factory Reset:

Press and hold the Major/Minor button and then press and release the Store button. And then press the Store button again when the displays appears “FAC RESET- WILL ERASE ALL YOUR PRESETS…” , then “STORE=RST”. The Factory Reset procedure is complete.

Warning! This procedure will restore the state of the Utility parameters to the factory defaults (FXFS ALL, HARMFS TOG, GTRSENS LO) and set the Stereo/Mono state to Stereo. So be sure you want to return the Digitech Vocalist Live 5 to its factory default state before continuing with this procedure. Hopefully the article of “Factory Reset Procedure: Digitech Vocalist Live 5” was useful.

Digitech Vocalist Vhm5

Reference: Digitech Vocalist Live 5 Manual